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About and Franchising

We're excited to announce a significant change at Maha Juice - we're now franchising!


This expansion means more Maha Juice bars in various locations, allowing us to share our passion for healthy living and natural goodness with a larger community.

Whether you're a loyal customer, a health enthusiast, or someone interested in franchise opportunities, you're welcome in the Maha Juice family.

For more franchising information and to be a part of our growth, click the link below.

Say yes to the life well-lived

Great taste is the name of the game. We are committed to serving only the freshest ingredients, that's why we order in small batches multiple times a week. 

We make everything to order, so you'll always get the freshest food.

we offer everything from Fresh Green Juices, Healthy Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Hot Sandwiches, Energy Balls, Wellness Shots, Gluten Free Options. 


We are open Monday through Saturday, CLOSED on Sundays, make sure to plan accordingly.

We do offer a fast take out option but if you rather have it delivered, we partner with Doordash for your convenience . Thank You for visiting us and hope to see you soon.

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